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Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

Whether you are addressing just a few people or a few thousand, this is an opportunity for you to speak directly to those you want to reach. We can help you feel and look more confident while providing you with the public speaking tools you need.

We have decades of experience, and we are equally passionate when coaching novices and experts alike. We have worked within a wide array of contexts, such as crisis preparation, parliamentary hearings, and trade shows and conferences.

Effective public presentation training can help you and your firm weather a crisis, build a lasting relationship with the people who use your services, or raise your organization's public profile. Your investment in public speaking training can earn you the lasting credit of your stakeholders.

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Strategic Communications

Crisis Prep and Communications
Protected client's reputation from much publicized false claims made by members of a ship's crew seeking asylum in Canada. Some sailors claimed that they were ordered to dump bilge water in the St. Lawrence Seaway before entering port. We engaged respected, neutral stakeholders, such as Environment Canada and naval engineers, to carefully collect the facts, and build credibility with a hostile press. We reversed media coverage, safeguarding the client's reputation.
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