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We have been preparing people to effectively deal with the media for over twenty years.

With a complex array of different media types, we know how to make choices in order to use time and budgets efficiently.

We understand media and its relationship with public relations. Editors and reporters must often have material and ideas from public relations sources, and public relations professionals need the media as a place to communicate their messages.

With busy and competitive journalists, we know how to get you properly prepared to effectively deal with the media.

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Media Relations
An international pharmaceutical company sought to reach key French-speaking publics in Canada about announcements it was making at the meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons about new research successes it had had with their device to treat a very prevalent neurological disease. A secondary message revolved around the device's recent approval for broader use by the FDA. We produced extensive multi-media communications materials, including VNRs, and successfully managed coast-to-coast Francophone media relations. We transformed a technical and complex announcement into a popular feel-good news story.

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