A strategic relationship company

How We Innovate

Public relations is becoming an increasingly sophisticated business function. It used to be limited to mere press agentry and persuasive publicity. But, today's public relations deals with diversity.

PR professionals master many challenges, from improving people's attitudes to building public interest, from creating special events to preparing speechmakers, from preventing or solving crises to helping businesses communicate across oceans and across cultural divides. As you innovate, so do we.

Industry-leading Approach

Aviso Public Relations has taken the lead by defining what we do in terms of our clients' needs. We define what we do as developing new and better ways to invest in strategic, productive relationships that help achieve the client's mission. A clear and client-focused understanding of public relations benefits our clients.

Our industry-leading approach to public relations benefits our clients in practical ways:

  1. We focus on outcomes instead of outputs; that is, we concentrate on solving problems instead of engaging in processes.
  2. We align what we do with our clients' overarching business strategy — toward fulfilling the clients' mission.
  3. We help our clients build relationship capital — an asset gain that earns returns for the firm.

Public relations in the 21st century must contend with the multiple challenges faced by contemporary business concerns. By continually innovating, we provide effective and economical benefit to our clients.

Unique Metrics

Putting to use the latest in public relations research, we have developed a unique set of metrics that enable us to identify business situations that may be successfully and economically resolved through the application of public relations. Our model valuates costs and benefits, taking into consideration such things as risks, effects and alternative public relations programs.

This so-called hard approach to public relations is another example of the way we focus on measurable outcomes for our clients. With our unique metrics, we can build a business case around a proposed public relations program.