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Written Words

Written Words

You can use public relations to control what is said, how it is said, when it is said, and — to some extent — to whom it is said. To do so, you must take command of the written word.

Organizations use papers and backgrounders to express their position on sensitive issues. They inform and reassure important individuals sharing the organization's concerns. Internal publications, like periodicals and pamphlets (printed or online), help integrate new employees into the organization and often spell out the company's philosophy, values and principles.

Speeches, as written by a professional, are a direct and persuasive means of communicating face-to-face with a live audience. They help to personalize your organization and demonstrate its openness.

The written word is the way forward in making a lasting impression.

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Speech Writing
The CEO of a global engineering and construction firm was invited to speak at an international development conference of heads of state and senior business leaders to discuss new means of increasing certain countries' abilities to attract investment from multinationals. We researched and composed a speech that brought together the client's expertise and unique experience, merging technical, economic an political subjects into a fluid presentation.
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